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More than 200 individuals attended the Wurm’s Woodworking Company (WWC) 70th anniversary public open house and tour. We’ve heard from many customers who wished they could have been here. A few of the things that our guests learned:

• WWC is not a retail lumber yard or custom cabinet shop. Only 34% of the products produced by WWC are made of wood materials. 26% of the products are plastic and 40% are golf seat skins or cushions.

• In 2016, WWC manufactured and shipped 437 different wood and plastic parts. This consisted of 424,556 pcs.

• Two new state of the art 3-axis CNC routers are being installed. Once operational, our CNC count in New Washington will be 12 machines.

• WWC is environmentally friendly. Waste from our woodworking operation is ground up into mulch as filler. Rejects and scrap from plastic trimming process is sent back to the extruder and recycled back into extruded sheet.

• Our dba, GR Golf, sells seamless seat covers and cushions. Our GR Golf stock product line encompasses over 400 standard products fitting Club Car, EZGo & Yamaha vehicles dating back to the 1970s. We do not sell direct to golf courses or consumers.
Public Open House & Tour
October 7, 2017