company overview

Our customer needs have changed since 1947. Using the timeline below, you will see that our company is flexible and has adapted over the years to meet these changing needs.

Today, WWC has grown to nearly 80,000 square feet of state of the art woodworking and plastic process machinery, including acclimated warehousing and membrane press technology.

WWC is a reputable, family owned corporation with quality management system currently in its second and third generation. Our diverse product lines include fabrication of wood, polymer and vinyl products for various industries including:

  • Transportation - marine, bus, heavy truck, recreational vehicle
  • Seating/Upholstery
  • Display/Point-of-Purchase
  • Food Processing
  • Waterpark SprayGround Equipment
  • Healthcare
  • Sound Proofing/Noise Control
  • Packaging


Precision Cut

Cut-to-size component parts and assemblies from engineered, composite and plywood panels, high pressure laminates and plastics.


Ideal for prototype development and low to mid volume production due to its relatively low tooling and engineering costs and fast turnaround time.

Membrane Pressed

Thermo lamination technology to seamlessly form thermoplastic 3d laminates such as KYDEX®'s HD, XD, WG, OMNOVA®'s surf(x), EFX or other thermo foils.

3D Printed

3D printing is a highly versatile and powerful tool that can be utilized in various manufacturing applications.

Our History